Update #8
vor 10 Tagen

Its been a busy week for LZBsAgainstLeukemia! And with thanks to all our new runners, we notched up nearly 2,500 this week alone (@NimaFinisher single-handedly bagging 334km in the Bern Backyard Ultra) bringing us more than a quarter of the way towards our target distance of 40,000km. THE PRESSURE IS ON!

Sign up! Sign up! Call your friends, family, co-workers - anyone who runs - and please get them to join the club. We need all the miles we can get!

Meanwhile, Dan the Man has also had a busy week, with a new catheter installed on his chest to start the next round of treatment after blood tests showed that he still has some residual cancerous cells. Hang in there Daniel. We are thinking of you and your family.

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Warum ich mich für Als Teil der League for Hope Hoffnung schenken einsetze
Lazyboys Track Club is a Geneva-based run club. Earlier this year, the son of 2 of our members was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer requiring a bone marrow transplant. Little Lazyboy Daniel will spend the next 12 months in and out of hospital receiving care. Lazyboys and Geneva Run Club are so inspired by his courage that we want to do what we can to help kids in similar positions. So we’re pooling our collective mileage to raise support and awareness for other children with childhood cancer. Between now and the the iconic 'Escalade' race that takes place in Geneva's old town in December, we will run around the world - 40,000km to raise money for leukemia. We are also signing on to the donor register at Marrow.ch, an amazing Charity that raises money and awareness for bone marrow donors. Help us help Daniel. Register your miles and check our progress at https://www.strava.com/clubs/LZBsAgainstLeukemia. Tag your runs on social media #LZBsAgainstLeukemia

Als Teil der League for Hope Hoffnung schenken

Mit Ihrer finanziellen Unterstützung helfen Sie uns im Kampf gegen Blutkrankheiten wie Leukämie und werden Teil der League for Hope. Das ist die Bewegung, die diesen Menschen Hoffnung gibt.

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