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Wednesday 11-09
Jungfrau Marathon 🏔How about a race recap? 📚🏃🏽‍♀️<<long story>>
It took me several days to get through the emotions and put all these moments together, that made my Jungfrau Marathon experience something so unique and so overwhelming.
Debbie @fitfunrun_ from The Netherlands had asked me if we could run together. I thought it was a good idea, we were so excited at the start, realizing that we were about to make a dream come true 🤩today, after months of preparation for this race in the 🏔 We decided to run the first 25km (flat) at a slow pace 6:00 in order to gather enough energy for the climb. It felt so nice to speak Dutch and laugh while running and enjoying the view, a huge waterfall 😍and us, so small running in the valley surrounded by impressive mountains all around us, the music 🎶 and the supporters along the way!! Really this first part of the race went so fast this way that suddenly we realized the hard work was just about to start at Lauterbrunnen. First real climb, all walking now, passing ‘The Wall’ symbolizing the start of vertical kms. 5km from 821m to Wengen at 1283m. Luckily the sky is clearing up and from there the view is already impressive!! We stop at almost every station to drink and eat. At this point we loose track of each other with Debbie, not running at the same pace. I feel a burst of energy and manage to run up for quite some time, with a big smile on my face 😃
A lot is going in my head.. I am so thankful to be here today doing this!! My injury in June made me doubt I could do it by then, not being able to walk for a few weeks! Coming from far... and yet I am here, my body is strong and I am having a blast! Whatever pain I endure, I chose for it, and it will be temporary... unlike the one endured by patients suffering with cancer like leukemia the cause I am running for 🙏 Until km 36 it is going well. People around me seem exhausted, walk a lot, but I manage to keep running as often as possible. My training in the mountains and hills seems to really pay off today. But I hope I don’t overdo it risking an injury at my heel... so far so good!! By now it is getting steeper and steeper, and colder. Suddenly I hear the Alphorn and see traditional musicians standing on the mountain playing music. OMG this is amazing!!! Big smile 😃 maybe the last one until the finish...🙃
The mountain path is muddy, slippery, there are rocks that you need to climb, and from now on I’m working on my mental to push my body. We are at the foot of a huge vertical rock/mountain on our left and feel minuscule like a colony of ants down under. Cold rain starts falling, you glimpse snow on the mountains around you through the mist. I stop a few times to look around me instead of looking at where I put my feet. I want to engrave these unique moments again and again in my memory.
So many people walking one after the other in a queue at the moraine, and this silence... Only breathing and shoe steps. Very strange, mystical... Km 40, almost there... but these last kms are hell!! For the first time breathing becomes an issue. I never felt this before, so walking now very slowly and looking behind me every now and then at the chain of people in the immensity. One person starts making a huge liberating noise like a wolf or something, echoing... another person does the same a further down. This says what we are going through, both pain and admiration, pushed to our limits. Suddenly another surprise... I hear the sound of bagpipes 🎶🏔🎶 Two men are standing further up, on the highest point at 2320m on the Eigergletscher, at Lauchereflue, playing traditional music. This is surreal 😳 But it seems wherever I go my Celtic roots are satisfied, even here of all places 😲🤩😆 emotions.... But once there it also means the end is near... passing a little lake all smoking from the cold. From now on running downhill to the finish is so liberating. It is very muddy and slippery but I don’t care, I sprint down giving all I’ve got left 😅 to hit the finish after 5 hours, 42 minutes and 36 seconds. And now I let the emotions flow 😭 through my entire body after such an unbelievable adventure. I did it!!!! We did it!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my very long report 😁I hope you enjoyed it ☺️ Also a huge thank you for your very generous donations 🙏❤️ Do not give up on your dreams. Fight for them and make them come true ✨🤩✨

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Warum ich mich für Finanzierung von Registrierungskosten einsetze
Thankful to be healthy, I decided to push my limits in running the Jungfrau Marathon and support a cause very dear to me: leukemia. Too many children and adults suffer from a life threatening disease such as leukemia. For some of them the ultimate chance of a possible cure of their blood cancer is to receive a blood stem cell transplantation from a compatible donor (a family member or an anonymous donor).
With this action I want to raise awareness about the number of volunteer donors needed (please do register), and the costs associated with the HLA* typing of the donors (*Human Leukocyte Antigen).
Your generosity you will help the Swiss Blood Stem Cells registry -SBSC- grow by covering these costs (140 CHF per donor, 10 registrations) and more importantly give patients hope to stay alive.
See you at the side of the SBSC on Sept 6th in the Expo.

Gemeinsam gegen Leukämie -Together against leukemia-Ensemble contre la leucémie
Thank you very much, your help means a lot!

Finanzierung von Registrierungskosten

Die Aufnahme von neuen Blutstammzellspenderinnen und -spender in unser Register ist aufwändig und teuer. Die Bestimmung des Gewebetyps muss in hochtechnisierten Labors durchgeführt werden. Aus diesem Grund sind wir auf finanzielle Unterstützung angewiesen.

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